Sometimes it can be hard to know when a women is into you. Women give a lot of mixed signals. It is usually done for one of two reasons. It is either done for one, test you or two, not to look to easy. This is a game women have been playing for years. In any event, it’s a game you need to figure out juts to know if you’re wasting your time or not. So today’s posts is about what to look for so you can figure it out.

The biggest giveaways re her body language. How she stands, how she sit, what she is doing while she stands and sits are all giveaways on how she feels about you. If she plays with her hair while talking to you is a big one. Putting her back to the rest of the world and focusing on you is a sure sign. Leaning in towards you when you talk is another one. Unnecessary touching is a huge one. This is her way of showing posses ion (telling all the other girls this one is mine). Now not doing these things isn’t a sign that she isn’t interested, they’re just signs that she is interested.

There are also signs in the way she reacts to you while in proximity. For example always laughing at all your jokes is a good sign that she I interested. Giggling says she really thought it was funny but is trying to hold back how funny it really was. With laughing, it’s one extreme or another. So if she is laughing at them all, then that’s a sign she doesn’t think that they’re all funny but she wants to let you know she’s into the conversation. Keeping constant eye contact is another sure sign. Being very enthusiastic towards you in general can be considered a way of determining that she’s into you. If she is calm and start to be herself around you, says she is relaxed around you and trusts you. Therefore if it happens, you’re in.

When you’re not necessarily in the same place, they tend to leave signs as well. If she keeps popping up in places where you always hang out is one sign. If she makes sure you have a way to contact her (email, cell phone, work phone) is a way of determining if she likes you. If she always seem available to help you with your needs is a clue she might be a little interested. Giving you a pet name or sending you a lot of text messages is a sign. All ways asking you questions or constantly asking your advice on something is an obvious clue. If you’re getting these signals, just ask her out and look for the other signals on the date to figure out how much.

Well those are a few of the ways to find out if a girl is into you. There are a lot more, but this a blog post, not a book. So you need to go practice to find some more. With that being said, go out and meet some women and see if they work. While you’re at it, you can get some practice. You can also visit for the most popular ebook on “how to get girls with your personality”. This article is posted from http://


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